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“I spent twenty years designing and making non-traditional wooden games, toys and puppets - and selling my 'Eccentric Productions' to posh galleries in the UK and particularly all over the USA.  Then, just before Christmas 2010, one of the off-cuts a cello-maker friend gave me looked like a duck. To me anyway. Thus started The Wooden Spatula Explosion” – Tim Foxall

Tim Foxall Spatula king

Tim Foxall, 2018. He's hardly changed at all.

With local cherry wood

Hardwood spatulas

This photo perfectly demonstrates both the curves we just have to put into the spatulas, and the beautiful colouring and grain of some of the different woods we work with, locally sourced where possible.

Tim Foxall Spatula sign

The Spatularium office and workshop

The Spatularium
The workshop at spatula HQ

The front of the workshop, looking towards the invaluable container and the equally invaluable sky.

The toys and games Tim used to make.

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