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Evolution of the 2 hands spatula
Origins of the spatula

The Design Process

Ideas for new designs arrive frequently, but most of them don't work.  The testing process is thorough and ruthless, of course, and only the best can hope to survive. Like the Venus de Milo, even with no arms. In fact, especially with no arms. She, like the others, had to jump - elegantly in her case - through stiff  'Examining Body Design Criteria' hoops.

We have an NNC philosophy for making spatulas - Nowhere Near Computers. But I do just love computers for the labels: rather than sending words off to have thousands printed and for them to be metaphorically being set in stone, I can change what individual spatulas are saying on a whim, and if a new design arrives, it can straight away get its own tag.

Which of the below was the prototype Venus de Milo spatula, do you reckon?


Now with our poshest label, in proper Ancient Greek.

The venus de milo spatula - old and new
Venus De Milo Spatula


Variability is absolutely crucial to everything we do, and no two spatulas are ever exactly alike. Every stage of the design and production process includes steps to allow and encourage variability. 

Cat Spatulas
The different spatula labels we use
Our spatula point of sale information
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